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A Spiritual Voyage to Avalon 

June 28th - July 5th 2019

Activate Your High Priest/Priestess Within

There are special places, scattered and hidden throughout the world, that are filled with magic, mystery, and beauty. Most people are either unaware of their existence or they exist only in their imagination from legend and lore. But they are very real and available to us. It is time to bring the knowledge of these sacred sites, places of peace and power, to everyone.


Journey with your hosts, Michelle Orwick, Dr. Joseph Rosado and Nina Patrick, as they explore some of the most extraordinary places of spiritual power and mystical energy on our planet. Learn the fascinating history of spiritual centers from various cultures as your hosts stir up ancient memories and give new understanding to ancient truths. Witness the real-life effects as ordinary people travel with our hosts to experience first hand the life-changing energies of these powerful sites.


We live in a time of chaos, confusion, fear, and uncertainty. People are looking for peace of mind, meaningful connection with others and a sense of personal power more than ever before.  Your Gatekeepers and Guides share their own unique experience and wisdom to assist others in finding the power within them. Joseph, as the former Guardian of the Chalice Well and Gardens in Glastonbury, England, has guided thousands through this sacred land. His calm and loving demeanor, combined with his extensive knowledge of historical and sacred energy sites, make him an ideal guide. Nina, with her diverse experience and strong communication skills a unique spiritual perspective to all involved leading them to a higher understanding of the multi-dimensional reality of our world. 


As physicists have discovered we live in a physical dimension that is part of a much larger "energy field" that is beyond most people's ability to discern. But at certain times - and in certain locations the veil between these dimensions becomes thin allowing some people to sense, see, hear and feel beyond the earthly confines. What results is often a transformational experience for those ready to open to these higher dimensions. History has shown us that in may sacred sites documented healings have occurred as well as a variety of paranormal experiences, some of which can be detected with modern-day technology.


"Magic" becomes reality in these special places of sacred energy. Hope is renewed. Peace is restored as we re-discover our identity and purpose in life. There is much to learn and share when traveling to some of the most fascinating and mysterious locations on Earth. Milagro World Center will take pilgrims along on a spellbinding trip, connecting with ancient energies of sacred sites and revealing to the world their hidden power. 


If you want to support positive change in the world, fuller expression to your voice and seek a deeply connected community of support, this event is for you.


A Spiritual Journey with

Magical Michelle

    Act Now! There are only a few last minute spots available at an amazing price!


    Only $2500

    *Please Note: Due to the close proximity of the trip no refunds will be given.

    Activate the Person You've Always Wanted to Be!


    Do you feel as if Avalon is calling you to your spiritual home?


    Are you deeply called to inner transformation?


    Are you ready to activate your own deepest level of commitment to healing the world and your own higher heart?


    Are you open to anchoring your levels of compassion, truth, and understanding in amultidimensional quantum ceremony inside the sacred stones of Stonehenge?  


    If your answer is YES! this journey calls you to make a once in a lifetime transformation!


    Michelle Orwick will guide you to your souls deepest understanding of its purpose using sacred geometry, magic, and the land itself to heal, activate, and transcend.. As you embark on this journey with Michelle, you will deeply explore the Elements of Avalon

    Element One: Earth 

    Touch sacred stone circles throughout England and which is a place of peace and power.  Connect ever more deeply with the earth in an evening candlelight ceremony of dedication.  


    Element Two: Water

    Reside at the Chalice Well Peace Gardens and drink deeply from the well of knowledge With private access to the Chalice Well for meditation and deep inner reflection.  Open to a ritual of fire and purification, a washing away of old and outdated programming. Refill your cup into an overflow of knowledge and love.


    Element Three: Fire

    Feel the warmth of the fire in a ceremony of transformation.  The element of fire is home to transformative powers.  Undertake a deep Phoenix-style journey of releasing the old and bringing in the new. 


    Element Four: Air

    Air is the element of clarity and truth. So, we will seek this in our own selves on this journey to cut through our own deceptions and shadow.  Journey into a labyrinth in Glastonbury to journey inward to focus our will and intentions 


    Element Five: Spirit

    Journey inwards to bring you to your own understanding and relationship with Higher Self. Activate healing for the entire plane by healing within yourself.. Take off any mask you may wear and allow your essence and true light to shine forth. Cultivate your awareness as a divine whole being of light and send that healing out multi-dimensionally into the world.  


    Element Six: Ether

    Deepen your true understanding of oneness and the essence of power that runs through your body as we understand our own divine essence and embody it. Open up the channel of connectedness and oneness. 


    Element Seven: Love

    Activate the universal law of love and ignite it throughout your physical body, spiritual body,  emotional body, and etheric body. Transfer this energy of the higher heart and pure love to everyone and everything you come in contact with.  Embrace this truth and be part of this one-time activation for the collective consciousness of humanity.  

    This Journey is a once in a lifetime rite of passage, a transcendental journey to open to the highest potential of our hearts and a powerful vortex for healing.


    Pillar One: Awareness, ~ Activate your Magic 

    Immerse Yourself in a Powerful Field of Heart Opening


    Glastonbury, Somerset, England is considered the Heart Chakra of the planet.


    This journey will immerse you in two major chakra points on the earth. The heart and the third eye chakras.


    We will activate these chakra points as well as open up and activate the higher heart for ourselves and the planet.


    The Glastonbury Tor and the Abbey Ruins, both a short walk from our lodging.


    The force of the Glastonbury Tor is one of the most electrical epicenters of our planet, and it's known as the Heart Chakra. Also, it's the throne of the Faery Kingdom where Oberon governs with exquisite love, where Merlin propagates wisdom, and where Archangel Michael lovingly conjoins with Blessed Mary. The Michael/Mary Ley Lines wrap themselves in a warm embrace around the Tor, rather like the python at the Temple of Apollo in Delphi.

    Act Now! There are only a few last minute spots available at an amazing price!


    Only $2500

    *Please Note: Due to the close proximity of the trip no refunds will be given.