Brought to you by Magical Michelle Orwick & 
Goddess Within Mystery School

The Offering

Make Quantum Shifts and Expand your Power before the end of the year 2020

Are you feeling the energy that is going on right now? I AM!

It is intense but it is not all bad. Trust me!

By the end of 2020 there are THREE MAJOR EVENTS that will catapult the NEW YOU into the NEW YEAR , one of the most perfect and potent times to take advantage of investing in yourself the RIGHT WAY. 


CLEAR your energy field from:
Overwhelm, Ancestral Beliefs, Past life debris.


ACTIVATE your soul SOUL’S true alignment.


LOCK IN your highest frequency before
the massive star alignment on December 21st



All this brought to you on behalf of our lovely universe:



All supported by 4 Clearing Calls, 3 Rituals, and 1 Massive Activation
to lock in and accelerate the powers of these auspicious events. 

You will receive these 8 Incredible gatherings for $440.00 when you sign up.


And they are lead by me Michelle, an Initiated Priestess of the Goddess path for the past 18 years and a spiritual seeker for more than 20, I have been blessed to be a teacher, healer, and guide to thousands of sacred seekers and transmuted this both virtually and in person. I stand in my authenticity as a spiritual life coach, intuitive guide, Master Theta Healer Practitioner/ Teacher and
Certificate of Science Instructor.

Virtual Ritual Gathering Schedule: All 6pm EST
(All calls will also be available via recording.)

  • Sunday, November 29th : Full Moon Eclipse Ritual

  • Wednesday, December 2nd : Clearing Call

  • Wednesday, December 9th : Clearing Call​

  • ​Monday, December 14th : New Moon Eclipse Ritual

  • Wednesday, December 16th : Clearing Call

  • Monday, December 21st : Winter Solstice Star Alignment Ritual

  • Wednesday, December 23rd : Clearing Call

  • Wednesday, December 30th : Activation of 2021

Let’s permanently shift the energy of 2020 from dense to 5-D,
and call in your highest timeline!