Enter into the Mysteries of the Goddess,

Sister of my Soul!!!



💜Are you ready to take a journey on a turn thru the wheel of a year and a day of connecting with the divine goddess energies for full empowerment and to reclaim your inner goddess???



💜Have you always been a daughter of the goddess but not known how to live a daily life embraced in her loving arms???



💜Are you ready to go deep within yourself to bring out your own divine gifts and live a more magical life??

Now is the Time!!! Your Time !!!
Claim It !!!

Why am I doing it now? Because the Goddess told me to. I just arrived back from the sacred sites of Avalon in Glastonbury. On my last day at the well the Lady had a message for me...To reawaken her daughters and to teach them to know her. She wants you to recognize yourself in her. She wants you to understand your own divinity as the empowered feminine goddess that you are.


And so my loves this is my answer to her call and my invitation to you.


‪🔮Starting August 1st. We will go through the many faces of the goddess. The Creatrix. The Great Mother. The Lady of the Harvest. The Dark Lady. The Divine Child. The Maiden. The Lover. The Priestess. The Healer. The Green Woman. The Seer. The Crone. As we do this it will bring up your inner work. We will call this the inner temple and through this we will create sacred space for you to find your aspect of the goddess and awaken your own divine gift.



We will explore the all phases of the moon and the different energies and rites of the wheel of the year. During this time we will connect to the elements and to the outer world. We will call this the outer temple and through this you will embrace your divine purpose.


You will start to feel more joy and bliss!

You will feel whole and complete!​

You will unite with the goddess and embody her frequency throughout all aspects of your life. ‬

‪You will feel more confident and peaceful !!!‬

You will come to know the Lady as yourself and to know Her Oneness as your own !!!






We will gather online for a monthly ritual. It will be different every month. Sometimes it will be based on a moon cycle and sometimes it will be based on a wheel of the year celebration or a combination of the two. It will be recorded for those who cannot attend at the time.

There will be a Facebook group to create a container of sisterhood and fellowship. I will do a Facebook live once a month to answer questions and keep us all motivated and connected. This will be our place to create cauldron of magical intentions. Sharing our successes and holding each other up during any trials.

What will be required of you?

What will be required of you? This is a daily practice you’re entering into. It should be taken seriously. There is journaling assignments and manifestation work. Home study and private rituals. The will be a monthly lesson and a monthly ritual. You will be asked to break thru into the highest level you. This is a journey of self discovery. This will bring you to self mastery, knowledge, wisdom and transformation. This is not a good program if you do you not want your life to change. You will be an initiate into the mysteries of the goddess. You will be awakening a divine power within you. You will be giving birth to your dreams. You will be seeing yourself as your higher goddess self. You will be required to let go of the shame, the blame, the disempowerment and fully come out as the Goddess With In. She has always been there just waiting for you to let her rise.

  • August 3-8th, 2019

    We will begin with Lughnasadh ‪August 3rd, 2019‬. It will include a fire ceremony where we give birth to our new life. This is the time of the Phoenix Rising and we will arise to our divine nature. will include an introduction to yourself as Great Mother and Creatrix as we embark on this sacred journey together. We will celebrate the Egyptian new year and the Celtic first harvest with a celebration of our gratitude and a setting of our intentions. We will gather together as women have done since the beginnings of time to strengthen ourselves and form our dreams into reality. Each participant will set her own personal desire into play as we anchor it into being as a collective.

  • October 19-31st, 2019

    Experience the Dark Lady and the Lady of the Waters as she washes away the old life and brings rebirth into the Divine Child. This is a time deep healing. Seeing your shadow and claiming your gifts. As we circle into the Witches new year, as we review what no longer serves us. We look into the mirror and the shadow to see clearly who we are meant to be. We allow the inner goddess to come out of hiding and re-emerge into the Light. We are one with the Love. We will dedicate ourselves to this love as we accept ourselves In wholeness and light.

  • February 2-9th, 2020

    For Imbolc will include a ceremony where we give birth to our new life. ‪February 1st, 2020‬. We will bring our seeds to plant and grow. We will explore the healer and the green woman together. You will go inward to explore your desire, your hopes, your dreams and your own path. We will explore personal ceremony and creating sacred space. What does 2020 hold for you? How will you manifest it from dream to reality? You will know. You will find the path to the way forward with crystal clear clarity.

  • May 1-11th, 2020

    By Beltane ‪May 2nd, 2020‬, you will be ready to embrace you true Divine nature. We will gather once again into the loving arms of the Goddess. Join the Lady in her ripest forms of Lover and Healer as we are in high growth season. We will dance the maypole and weave the web of joy into the threads of our very lives. The winds of change will be upon us and we will seek to know our truest self through an invitation of self discovery and an inner knowledge of our own true Divine.

We will continue our odyssey ‪until August 1st, 2020‬ when each of us will have a choice to self dedicate to the path of divine priestess to the Lady. A ritual will be provides at the end of this year and a day of devotion and studies for you to make that choice for yourself with open arms.

That personal self dedication was one of the most magical moments of my entire life. The goddess is one with me and I with her. I am a loving priestess and I serve the Lady in all her faces. Maiden, Lover, Mother, Crone. I am one with her and she is one with me. I serve her by serving you. I sincerely hope that you will join me on this mystical magical journey to find your way home into the loving arms of the Goddess.

Sacred Sister Home study only $997 or $97 for 12 months

Additional payment arrangements, scholarships and energies exchange may be applied for and granted by the facilitator.

PS. I have been daughter of the Goddess since 1999. I bring 20 years of wisdom and devotion to the table. I have studied world religion and have spent the last ten years as a healer and educator. It is with much joy and gratitude that I am able to bring you the many faces of the goddess to aid you on your path to self discovery.

My students have had life changing breakthroughs:

💜I have lead them to find and marry their soul mate.
💜To find or create their dream jobs.
💜To overcome illness and find health and happiness.
💜To manifest money and financial freedom

I know that this will be a life changing program because I live and breathe a magical life. I have had hardships and struggle just like everyone else. I have had pain and sorrow just like everyone else.

What is different for me today than in the past? What is different for me than for someone else?

It is my faith in the Goddess and the faith in myself that she gave back to me! My relationship with the Lady allows my joy to come forward. I hope you chose for you and do the same.

The goddess within you is calling you home.


Live Magically,

Magical Michelle💜

The tuition for this adventure will never be this low again!!! This is my sacred work that I am giving birth to. Be with me thru this magical journey as we travel to the next level together sweet sister.



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