Journey Beyond

the Seven Chakras

​with Michelle Orwick

Have you been working with your core seven chakras for a while?  Do you feel like you're still blocked and don't know why? Are you ready to clear those blockages on a deeper level?


It may be that it's another energy center that you haven't worked with yet.


Join me and discover other chakras within your body.

June 21st to July 26th (6 weeks) 

on Mondays at 6 pm EST

When we work together, we will:

Take a deep dive into healing and aligning the chakras.

Create ease in your body.

Remove shock and trauma from your energy field.

Clear out unwanted energy that is blocking you and wearing you down.

Ground and reconnect with the earth around you.

Activate the light body.

Open up and expand your heart.

Awaken your pineal and pituitary glands.

AND release the heaviness of the past.


This deep dive is for you if you:

Want to learn about the lesser-known chakras in the body.

Need to heal one or more blocked chakras.

Are ready to upgrade your energy field.

Want to keep your energy centers pure, clean, and upgrading.

Are eager to clear negative energy from your nervous system.

Have ascension symptoms and want to free yourself of them.


Get these six weeks of expanded energy flow for the low investment of $250 or two payments of $142.