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Goddess Within Michelle Orwick

I wonder if you have been experiencing the sense that the world is in chaos, witnessing it’s collapsing and dismantling as we once knew it. We are being invited to step into the fullness of who we truly are. And the truth is that before we can build a better world we must shift into our ascended self. If you have found your way to this sacred space, you must know that you are being called to rise toward this higher consciousness. To finally embody the wholeness of your divine essence, as Goddess incarnate.

You were born for this moment in our planet’s history, and it is time to RISE Sister RISE! Perhaps you have always had a sense that there was something more to life, as if there was a precious gem within you waiting to be mined. Maybe you once could feel that passion for life fully yet at some point it started to feel like a fading ember. Now you feel ready to give it the breath of life and reignite that internal flame. Chances are, your spirit has been reaching for the comfort of a safe and brave space, with the assurance of expert guidance to assist with the cultivation and full expression of the powerful fire of the goddess you’ve always carried.

The time has come. Your body knows. You may have just experienced a skin tingling, heart racing, body rush. The body, your body just informed you of the deep inner knowing which announces the beginning of your next journey.  Your soul is awakening to the excitement of your Goddess path and your role in the reclamation of a divine world.

It is  time to move away from overwhelm, fear and self-doubt. It is time to rewrite the false story that you are not good enough, not strong enough, not sensual enough.  It is time to reclaim the fully embodied TRUTH of who you are! Now is the time to rewrite {her}story- your story. Leave the past behind, once and for all, and rapidly call in now the excitement of joyful transformation, which leads to the future for which you’ve been longing.

The message is clear. You feel it in your cells. This is your turning point. Call upon and anchor your Goddess Within, now.

The journey to embodying your Goddess Within is a path of deep devotion and sacred commitment. Dive into the practical and mystical ancient wisdom of the Goddess Path.

We will spend a year and a day in the spiral dance as the Goddess Within Emerges. Your journey is a  path of inner self discovery and an outer practice of connecting to the divine in the everyday.

The Spiral dance of inner work and outer connectivity allows you to reclaim that which is divine within you, allowing you to recover the natural aligned rhythms of the cycles of the universe to heal, empower, rejoice and reunite. Your mind will become more lucid, your intuition more clear, and life more aligned. This program is a practice that calls upon both your light and shadow, your weaknesses and innate untapped power. The Goddess Within Mystery School provides a nurturing opportunity to go deeper into your SELF and realign, awaken, and reveal your core truths. These truths unite you with your divinity, the human race, and the universe.

Join me and we will make powerful quantum shifts in your internal and external world.

Goddess Within Moon Phases

In the Spiral Dance of the Goddess Within Mystery School you will:

  • Activate focused  intuition, power and presence to anchor your inner wisdom and outer knowing with unwavering clarity. 

  • Align your inner desires with your outer reality to step into your true magic.

  • Embody your soul’s mission as you manifest your life purpose and live more fully.

  • Cleanse and purify old wounds and limitations to reveal the glory of your authenticity.

  • Calibrate the most potent version of yourself by upleveling your current set point.

  • Power up your personal practice of deep ritual and self care to develop  your inherent strength and fortitude to call in magic and joyful abundance at your whim.

I am Michelle Orwick, an Initiated Priestess of the Goddess path. For the past 18 years, I have been blessed to be a teacher, healer, and guide to thousands of sacred seekers. I am living my purpose as a Divine Priestess. I honor my own rhythms with the cycles of the changing seasons and the ebb and flow of the magnetic moon.. I have mastered the magic and mystery, the science and spirituality that abundance of universal gifts can offer. And you can, too.

Before embarking on the Goddess path, my life was a hot mess (more on that later), but the development and consistency of daily sacred rituals delivered purpose and clarity, which enabled my transformation into this life of joyful manifestation and spiritual prosperity.

Join me for a divine journey, and together we will Uplevel Your Goddess Within to tap into the quantum field of synchronicity as we co-create your most emboldened life.

In The Goddess Within Mystery School we will spend 12 enriching months exploring, experiencing, and embodying all things Goddess until your entire being is fired up with clarity, purpose, ease and flow. It may sound overwhelming, but I promise… it is totally doable!

The wheel of the year is based on the specific days that mark the turning of the earth and the changing of the seasons. As women, we are moving through sacred cycles of personal evolution throughout the months and years of our becoming. Our journey together is two-fold, as we gaze into the crystal mirror of our own reflection through the cycles of the sun (the Earth’s journey around our bright Star), as well as, the cycles of the moon (the Lunar journey around the Earth).













Training Includes:

  • New moon inner temple rituals

  • Full moon outer temple rituals 

  • Sacred Holiday Celebration Live Calls

  • Goddess  Curriculum Live Calls

  • Goddess Mentorship Live Calls to which you may bring your challenges, clarifying questions, accountability, and celebrations of success. 

  • Goddess Activation Practices through audio or video meditations and rituals

  • Resources to amplify your success and deepen your experience

  • RE-source guidebook chock-full of tools, techniques, magic and mastery 

  • Private on-line Sanctuary: Interactive community where you connect to share your reflections, while being lovingly held and witnessed by your fellow Goddesses and by me (Michelle).

  • Goddess Within Pilgrimage: Immersion Weekend Retreat (optional)

  • Goddess Within Closing Ceremony 

  • Also, lots of delicious magic fairy dust bonus surprises to expand, enhance and explode your magic quotient. Hint:  One bonus may just be an entire mini program!

To honor the value of an intimate circle for safe and brave vulnerability and exploration, space for this journey is limited.
​Join early to receive your decision makers incentive to receive early access to pre-program Goddess coaching.


Should you have any questions about the program, or if financial concerns are leading to hesitation, please reach out to discuss the power of possibility.

You are so worthy!

Phone: (407) 729-1088