Women throughout the world are being called to calibrate the most potent version of YOU.


The time has come to Connect with your true Goddess Essence and embody your Divine Self.

Join me via a private Facebook group/community, Zoom, and Online Portal.


Journey for a Year and a Day along the spiral dance of deep devotion and sacred commitment
with training, mentorship, and initiation into the path of the divine YOU.


Together we will travel the spiral dance and awaken the Goddess Within YOU!

This spiral dance is perfect for you if...


You have been drawn to the Goddess archetype and are curious to know more
about how it can make a difference in your life.


You are ready to move away from feelings of overwhelm, fear and self-doubt,
but are not sure how to start to re-write the story.


You are prepared to make to make small yet powerful shifts to embody the truth of who you are,
even if you're not entirely sure of what that looks like.


You can imagine how nurturing it will feel to go deeper into alignment
of divine love of self and your true magic.

What to Expect

In the spiral dance you will...


Activate focused intuition, power and presence to anchor your
inner wisdom and outer knowing with unwavering clarity.


Align your inner desires with your outer reality to step into your true magic.


Embody your soul's mission as you manifest your life purpose and live more fully.


Cleanse and purify old wounds and limitations to reveal the glory of your authenticity.


Calibrate the most potent version of you by upleveling your current set point.


Power up your personal practice of deep ritual and self care to develop your inherent
strength and fortitude to call in magic and joyful abundance at your whim.

Your Goddess Within Awaits!

“Michelle is an amazing teacher and healer. I am truly blessed to be on this Goddess journey with her. On our calls Michelle's blend of knowledge, intuition and channeling has provided me with many insightful and aha moments. Her teaching style is a testament of her love of the topic and her students. She has always encouraged me to share my ideas and questions. I have always felt that one of Michelle's greatest joys is watching me become the highest and best version of myself. I am looking forward to all that will be revealed as I continue Michelle's Goddess Within program.”


- Diane Osvold, Spiritual Advisor

"I have spent a year and a day in transformation with Michelle, and am currently on my second cycle of the spiral. This dance that Michelle leads is beyond any kind of transformation I could have imagined. With her help I have become more connected them I have ever been to the divine and the divine that resides within me. Michelle supports each of us through the shadow stages of our transformations.  This experience has completely changed my life, and I look forward to continuing to work with Michelle and to see where this journey leads me next."


- Marissa Bailey, Spiritual Life Coach & ThetaHealing Practitioner

Join us and step into your Goddess Within!

Tuition: $5,000 or 12 payments of $500.


Goddess Within Mystery School AND Coaching

Tuition: $7,000 or 12 payments of $700.

Meet Michelle Orwick

I am, Michelle Orwick, an Initiated Priestess of the Goddess path. For the past 18 years, I have been blessed to be a teacher, healer, and guide to thousands of sacred seekers. I am living my purpose as a Divine Priestess. I honor my own rhythms with the cycles of the changing seasons and the ebb and flow of the magnetic moon.. I have mastered the magic and mystery, the science and spirituality that abundance of universal gifts can offer. And you can, too.


Before embarking on the Goddess path, my life was a hot mess, but the development and consistency of daily sacred rituals delivered purpose and clarity, which enabled my transformation into this life of joyful manifestation and spiritual prosperity.


Through my years of self study and implementation I have mastered the magic and mystery, the science and spirituality that abundance of universal gifts can offer and I am here to share that with you for your growth and evolution. Sharing with you my expertise in metaphysics, neuroscience, world religion and so much more we can make easeful and rapid shifts and rewire your neuro-pathways enabling you to find your own way back to wholeness.


I have dedicated my life to guiding people on their spiritual journeys, helping them to create the life they desire, filled with joy and purpose. I specialize in helping clients to understand their truths, heal emotional shock & trauma from life events, and illuminate their path for future growth.

Goddess Within Mystery School

A Year and a Day initiative.


Discovering and awakening the Goddess Within YOU!


Facebook Community of Like-minded women.

Full Moon Rituals

New Moon Rituals

8 High-Holiday Celebrations

4 Element Embodiments

Alignment Activations

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… and more!

Tuition: $5,000 or 12 payments of $500


Goddess Within Mystery School AND Coaching

Tuition: $7,000 or 12 payments of $700

Join me for a divine journey, and together we will Uplevel Your Goddess Within to tap into
the quantum field of synchronicity as we co-create your most emboldened life.